Wednesday, August 25, 2010

5 this happened.

Roommate 1: I don't even know what to do. I'm all out of clean underwear.
Roommate 2: Have you used all your swimsuit bottoms?
Roommate 1: Yes.
Roommate 2: Turned all your dirty underwear inside-out?
Roommate 1: Yes.
Roommate 2: Well then, your only option is to buy new underwear.

Ummm. OR WASH IT. Good grief.
*In this particular conversation, I was not Roommate 1 or 2 but rather, an appalled bystander.


  1. that's why my old roommate just stopped wearing underwear all together!!

    sort of disgusting.
    i didnt know "turning them out"
    was the same as wearing clean undies.. oh wait, BECAUSE IT'S NOT!

  2. That is UNBELIEVABLE. and also hilarious.

  3. Oh my gross. I sure hope roommate 2 was a girl that loves Halloween and roommate 1 sings like a dove.

  4. HAHAHAA GROSS. Did you teach them to do laundry?



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