Saturday, August 28, 2010

There are two things i've gotten sooo good at this week.
Delegating & Simplifying
I haven't ever been good at either.

1. Delegating- Room moms are my new favorite. Best friends who help me finish up Rachel's bachelorette party because i'm the worst sister ever are my favorite. Delegate... working on it. I like to do everything myself because i'm picky about the way things look BUT when you have a to-do list longer than China, you must delegate. Are you proud mom?
2. Simplify- When I called my mom freaking out about everything I had to do on today, she told me to fight everything inside of me that's telling me to make this party a grand production. Five kinds of cookies and 20 cupcakes each uniquely decorated are just unnecessary. The ribbons and bows and ruffles don't matter (this is mostly me trying to convince myself that this is all true. I bought a cake for the party which goes against everything I believe.) Every child's notebook doesn't need to be filled out by me, they can do it themselves. There's no need for 25 centers during math and literacy. Simplify.

I thought for half a second about making a goal to include the word "balance" in my new vocabulary, but that's just laughable.

And this is my sister. Some people think we look exactly alike, some people think we look nothing alike. We were just chillin tonight.


  1. Funny, funny photo of you two! Still without Rachel's wide grin on, you do seem to favor each other a little, little bit. I totally identified with your blog about how hard it is to delegate, cause I use to be that way, too, wanting to do it all myself. I've learned to, yes, include that word, delegate, in my vocabulary. If you are like me, my mind can conceive of stuff on top of stuff that would be nice to do, would be great, would taste great, would just make the party soar, etc. You just can't do that to yourself! Balance and Be Real are great words! I know it will be nice whatever you do, Danielle! Love you!

  2. Yeah, you two look NOTHING alike. Well, maybe a little through the eyes...and yeah, the nose, too. And your mouths ar similar. Wait, that's right, you DO look alike! Okay, the hair is different.

  3. That night was SO fun! Thank you SO much for putting everything on in despite of your extreme business. I love you so much Danielle! & you're not the worst sister ever, you're the busiest sister ever!

    I love you!



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