Thursday, July 08, 2010

1 productive day

Hey guys! Just freaking out a little, that's all. I've been stressed because every time I walk into my classroom, I just see lots and lots of blank walls & a really long to-do list.
Uggggity Iggity Ugh.
I usually will just sit at my desk for about an hour imagining where everything will go. I finally know how overwhelmed people must feel when decorating their first house.
Today I went to the teacher's store in Orem. I was in heaven. My room is a jungle theme and I found this gem for only $12.99! It has 132 punch outs. I wanted to cry I was so happy. It must've really inspired me because today, for the first time, I went into my classroom and everything just clicked. I was moving tables, bookshelves & desks like a wild woman. Loved it.
(Yeah, this is the stuff I get excited about these days. That might tell you a thing or two about my life right now. Just don't think about it too much.)

1 comment:

  1. Yay! They're just as cute as you explained!



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