Saturday, July 10, 2010

First things first: A couple weeks ago, Derek came in town. I feel it necessary to give him a little shout out. We loved having him here & we miss him terribly.
This last weekend was packed full. Started it off with a little BBQ.
Brad & Weston the grill slaves.
My favorite Curtis & my favorite fake smile. I was having fun, pinky promise.
Rachy's birthday cake looking a tad pathetic here.
Sent Andrew up to pick Apricots from our Apricot Tree. We love our Apricot Tree.
Of course we lit tennis balls on fire and played some tennis at night. Headed to the rope swings in Mona. Apparantly this is Natalie's turf.

Then, Andrew & I got to go on a plane ride. Weird story how this happened, but it was fun.
See? Fun.
And despite how I look, this was not a naked plane ride.

Good times, dude.

btw, I hate when girls say "dude."


  1. Enjoyed all the photos! So what kind of delectable delight do you conjere up with all those apricots?

  2. DANI! I am SO glad you clarified that you are not naked in the plane, I was slightly concerned!



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