Wednesday, June 02, 2010

3 yes.

"...Women should be women and not babies that need petting and correction all the time. I know we like to be appreciated but if we do not get all the appreciation which we think is our due, what matters? We know the Lord has laid high responsibility upon us, and there is not a wish or desire that the Lord has implanted in our hearts in righteousness but will be realized, and the greatest good we can do to ourselves and each other is to refine and cultivate ourselves in everything that is good and ennobling to qualify us for those responsibilities." -Eliza R. Snow

yes yes yes yes.


  1. That was simply wonderful, Danielle! It lifted my spirits tonight!

  2. Fantastic quote. This will come in handy one day when you are cleaning your house only to have your kids trash it again just before you hubby comes home to a new mess.



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