Friday, June 04, 2010

4 Les Bugg Birfday

22 years ago this very day, a star was born.

Here are just a few of my Leslie faves:
10. She's a people person & knows no strangers. When I'm with her we run into atleast 10 people she knows and if she doesn't know you yet, she treats you like you've been bff&e's for 10 years. I bet her parents worried about her getting kidnapped as a munchkin from being too friendly. In fact, I know they did because she called me over break saying she found pictures of herself at Disneyland with a leash on. Yes, she was a leash kid.
9. Les is so good at making frosting. I told my class I'd bring them cupcakes but was too busy the night before so Leslie ended up taking on the job for me. The next day in class one little girl asked, "Miss Stolwowthy" (speech impedement), "is this homemade fwosting or store bought fwosting?" It's homemade. "Wow, this fwosting is so so good. I just knew it was homemade." This is Leslie's favorite story. Her fwosting is so good.
8. She loves dance parties and singing loud as much as I do. We jam out in the Cheetah Mansion & she has quite the moves.

7. Leslie is so service oriented. Please refer to cupcake making #9. Always doing things for other people and making sure everyone is taken care of. When I'm a sicky, Les is popping out the pills and tissues for me. When I haven't eaten for 6 days she makes me food or stuffs an IV in my arm. Good friend/temporary momma.
6. She's so so funny & sassy. She's always whipping out the wild comments. Hey now.
5. Every night I pop her back, then she pops mine and then she just lays on top of me and we talk cheeks smashed together for about 20 minutes. It's really great until people walk in and think we're strange. But let's be honest, even then it's still really great.
4. She gives it to you straight up & there is not a shy bone in her body. 3. Umm, she's like the most talented girl ever! She'll be moving to New York and doing Broadway in a few years so get her autograph now while she's still a Coug. I've been to a few of her Young Ambassador performances and she kills it every time. And sometimes she even surprises her roommates halfway through a show & does back handsprings across the stage in high heels... Anyways, she's my favorite one, but don't tell my other YA friends. Oh wait...
2. She plays with my hair & spoons with me on the lovesac. Temporary boyfriend. Temporary.
1. She's fiercely loyal and loves her friends. Les is so good at sticking up for people and you know she's always looking out for you. So, happy happy birthday to my darling friend! I love you LesloveBUGGYface. Mwah. Now for your entertainment because we know Les is all about the entertaining...




  1. I LOVE MY BOO! (Thats you Dano.) Best Fwosting. Best bwog. Best waff. Best fwend. :)

  2. i love leslie hiatt!!!!! and yes she may just be one of the most talented people i know! for real.

    and ps im gonna need that fwosting recipe. thx

  3. You are so lucky to be young in this fabulous age of technology that lets you document all this stuff as you go. I just finished a digital scrapbook of me and my best fwiend and included a bunch of photos clear back to (gasp!) 1978 until'll be a treasure for both of us. But YOU have this whole blogging thing! How cool is that!? Friends are FAB!

  4. Leslie is the best. I love you cheetahs. Good to know about the befriending stranger thing- I kept running into her at Smith's and thought I was supposed to know her better. Which I should.



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