Sunday, June 06, 2010

9 celebration station

I love birthdays for this reason alone.
I actually have a reason to get domestically obnoxious & everyone's happy.
A Tooty Fruity birthday.
Lemon cake + strawberry cupcakes + apples + apple dip+ peach cobbler + lemonade + chocolate covered strawberries = the most domestic Cheetahs you'll ever meet
What a cute birthday girl! P.S. The 2 & 2 candles we purchased have been the best investment we've made all year. They've been through about 5 birthdays and their wicks are getting a little stubby.
Natalie is good at candid photos.
Stair gossip/life catch up. I've missed this boy.
What a crew.
I love you Les.
Happy birthday ya little Cheet!


  1. I loved this Danielle! Wonderful food spread and I totally cracked up over the 22 candle deal-haha! That looked like a fun party! Yay for Leslie!!!

  2. wait, why didn't you post any of the pictures i took? you didnt like them?????

  3. Seriously SO cute. You're freaking amazing girl. Thanks for letting us crash your after party clean up! xoxoxo

  4. ah happy birthday les-face!!! k seriously dan, you are the cutest thing ever. dang! please throw my next birthday party.

  5. ...oh and LOVED the apron ;) Yes, folks, she sews too!

  6. I noticed the pretty apron as well. What a beautiful buffet of special treats for your special friends! How in the world did you find room for all those people in your apartment? Looks like a fun happy group. Of course, they were well fed...and entertained...and hanging out with friends!

  7. It was definitely a good turnout, & it's fun to see the pictures, since all the cool whip had evaporated before I got there! It all looks great! & I haven't seen Brant in ages!

  8. I need for you to come and make strawberry cakes and stuff for my next birthday. had I known their would be food in this post I wouldnt have read it. blast being pregnant. lol



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