Monday, May 31, 2010

6 M D Wknd.

Kicked the weekend off by being a true friend to the talented Leslie Hiatt. Big H.
My friends do things like this to make me happy.
I have good friends.
Some Suns game watching. Highs & Lows.
Park loving.
Hot Dog Chomping.
This is my friend Brad. We take awkward pictures together. Por ejemplo:
(And no, I'm not preggers...)


I love summer.

And can you believe I didn't open my planner once this weekend? That's an accomplishment for me. But, shhesh. I'm tuckered out. School in the morning. Time to get some rest. Nighty night.


  1. So great, Danielle! Loved seeing your pictures! Seriously, did Brad and co. come over dressed like that to make you laugh? Funny, if so...if not, just disregard :) xoxoLOVE YOU!

  2. Oh, and one of the best jump pictures I've ever seen-so so cute!

  3. were those pics at the park for a kickball bbq? if so, curtis porter invited sam and i but sam forgot to tell me about it until 8 that night :( bummmmmer.

    ps youre hot

  4. this is making me miss Provo a bebis bit. Looks like you girls are having a blast! Miss you :)

  5. your life looks so exciting... i'm jealous haha :)
    -amanda kimlinger

  6. Really enjoyed all those great pictures, Danielle. I have to say along with her, the jump picture was something else! I can't believe you can jump that high! It has to be a trick!



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