Friday, May 14, 2010

3 this one goes out to brad.

I'm writing this not because Brad has asked me a million times to write a post in his honor. No, that's not it. It's merely because he has inspired me. Once again, I repeat, Brad has never asked me to devote an entire blog post to him.
Top 10 reasons why I love Brad Swagger:
10. Every night I ask him the same question: "Who should I hook up with tonight?" and every night he acts like it's the first time and seriously contemplates it for me. 9. Brad figured out my Love Languages for me soI didn't have to take the test in the back of the book. I give it by doing service and I receive it by spending quality time (and touch "because i'm a boy").
8. Brad wins on the sweetest & funniest birthday card for 2010. He brought it over at about 11:59 with goodieness. Yep, he's the winner.
7. We have good chats. Funny chats & serious chats with funny parts in them.
6. He does lunges across the room at parties to impress girls.
5. He's maybe the best road trip partner of all time.

4. When I broke up with him on facebook, he wrote this letter to me: "You traitor. I knew you wouldn't last but I don't care you're too controlling you always want me to pay for things and not yell at you in public...and your hair smells like fritos." And yes, that is a reason I like him. 4. He does creepy things like sneak into our laundry room while no one's home, wait for us to come home and hope we talk about him so he can eavesdrop. When the conversation isn't juicy enough, he does things like text, "You should hook up with _______" to get a reaction out of me. And when he gets a reaction out of me ("Ewww, gross! Is he serious right now?!"), he falls out of the laundry room cracking up.........
3. He doesn't tell me when I just ate a cookie from a bowl of cookie dough that was sneezed into until two days later.
2. He's very picky for me on the guys I date. If I say something about any random boy he'll give me some really legit reason on why I should not like them (not manly enough, not from az, he saw him kissing his mom, he's addicted to meth... the usual). Then he proceeds to make up fake things about the boy(s) he wants me to date (he's a millionaire, he loves girls from Tennessee, he's so righteous). I wish he weren't so convincing, maybe I'd have a hottie by now.

1. He makes me laugh every single day.

This is not a late Birthday Top 10, but an early one.

Happy birthday Brad. You are loved by many a'Cheetah. xoxo


  1. Is someone needing attention? I love you Brad!

  2. As I said, anyone should be happy to be a friend of Danielle's. She not only knows how to treat you right but knows to treat you special. Brad you have been treated Special!

  3. Brad's kinda cool. I too have received advice from Brad's deep wisdom, my life was changed forever.



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