Monday, May 17, 2010

6 az-ness

Our classic Mav in Page picture. Have to get one every time.
Fighting in the parking lot of course.
Whooped him.
Yeeping Jurassic Park/Indiana Jones/Hardcore Mountain View style & NOT Franklin Sissy style. He does it for special treats, like personalized poems.
Sidenote: Brady was just hired on as my blog editor in chief. He caught this big mistake: He does not just do it for treats. Phew, that was a close one.
So much fun, even though Brad isn't good at showing it.
My favorite missionary is back in Cheetah action. LOVED being with this hottie.
34 C.
Ugh, such a good weekend. I need to go back stat.


  1. So fun, Danielle! I just wanted to see more pictures. This was only a taste! The last one was really funny of the phone conversation! Clever! Love you!

  2. This trip looks kind of fun. I'm thinkin we should have a jeeping excursion camping trip. Pretty sure that'd be awesome. I love you!

  3. mom is in your phone as kari stolworthy? i personally thought 'mom' was easier....

  4. i'm a business woman now.

    everything about me is very professional so yes, i speak of my own parents on a first & last name basis.

  5. I know who loves me more.

  6. Too cute, Kari! You crack me up!



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