Thursday, May 20, 2010

4 ants.

I'm developing a complex.
Last week, I taught about ants in literacy and learned so many cool things. Ants are so hardworking and so giving to other ants & I have grown to really respect them. It all started when I was on a walk a few days ago and noticed I was purposely dodging ant piles after learning about how wonderful they are.
It reached an all time high when I saw 4 ants in my bathroom (and we all know 4 ants really means 4 million ants) and I thought to myself, "I should just let these ants live. They won't hurt anyone and their lives are so hard" and I turned the other way.
I keep seeing ants, but I don't have the heart to kill them.
I can't decide whether or not this is weird.
Reality checks are welcome.


  1. I hardly know what to say to that one. No one wants to kill anything, but would you live with spiders and roaches crawling all over you, your food and your bed. Same thng with ants, except I'm with you in that they seem so "nice." Except when they are crawling all over you, your food and your bed plus biting you, too. Love you and enjoyed your little story a lot!

  2. You might want to check in with some surviving relatives in Texas-they have the man-eating ants down there! yeah, not so nice!

  3. Reality checks will come when the only food you have to eat is consumed with ants...=my life at liberty square.

  4. Ants outside that don't bite. Sure, leave em be. Ants that enter my home, game on. Seriously though, I found some ants a few weeks ago bigger than Scarlett, ok maybe not really, but they were so big they made an audible popping noise when I squshed them. Kill them when they are little and you won't have to face these monsters.



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