Friday, May 21, 2010

3 To Do Lists

This goes out to all you people who have been calling me boring for the last 6 months. I am totally that super responsible nerd that makes a million to do lists & has to complete her homework before she can have fun. These are just the projects due Monday, don't mind me.BUT after this weekend, most projects will be turned in, Practicum will be finished & my life will have freed up tenfold. I'll still have classes on campus, but being done with my Cohort makes me happy & gives me some extra time. Now I can fit in my summer stuff.
Now for the real checklist:
Bonfires, full moon ski lift ride, go camping, go to the park, strawberry picking, picnic, baseball game, Seven Peaks water park, go to the lake, cookie Sundays, Provo River, Wednesday night movies at Sundance, bbq, drive-in movie, feed the ducks, Trafalgo, old folks home, Alpine slide, fly fishing, temple square, karaoke night, play pool, wave runners, zoo, horseback riding, motorcycles, bike riding, Colorme Mine.

Yes, I like this checklist exponentially more.


  1. k that picture of franklin w/ the fences along the side was totally the background of my computer screen w/ my login at work. everyone was jealous

  2. p.s. the sounds play the bees in salt lake this summer, you need to find out the mightve been in may...possibly june...look it up and GO SOUNDS!

  3. haha k lets do these all in the next 7 days before we leave please



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