Saturday, May 01, 2010

1 more mesa

Picture explosion. Here's the rest of my trippy.
Oh, that's just me wearing Mountain View's graduation gown. My AZ friends have named me "Honorary Toro Who Was Never a Toro" so I put on the gown to see how it felt.
Ladies & Gents, I give you Mountain View's Prom Queen 2006. Sometimes we like to live in our high school glory days since we are now BYU losers.
A little movie theatre action.
A little pool action.
And Les actually had the nerve to say "Dano, some people have jobs" while I was laying out. That comment was completely uncalled for and don't you worry, I rebuked her.
And what do you know! My darling, wonderful city is on a blanket in Sean's house. Oh, my heart!
"A TORNADER IS COMING!" Aubs started flying so I told her real quick-like to grab them there antlers.
A little cowgirl action.
A little cactus action.

A little birthday action.

As you can see, I got a lot of action in Arizona.

My life is grand if you were wondering. It's busy, but wonderful. Momma's been in town and she's a wild woman so you know we've had nonstop laughs and frozen yogurt, my two faves.

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  1. As I was watching this video, I realized I was smiling like the entire time. I mean not even laughing. Just gazing and smiling at Leslie. Is this a problem? I feel embarrassed for some reason.



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