Sunday, May 02, 2010

4 another one bites the dust!

(There's something in that bedroom... I've got dibbs next.)
Dillonhaal & Sar Bear have become engagededed tonight!
Location: Unknown
Date: Unknown
Honeymoon: Unknown

It's okay though, when discussing our future tonight on the lovesac, it sounds like they're going to be super flexible with my schedule. So whenever I give them the date, I'll let you all know.

Also, Sara's finger has not turned green yet so we're thinking it's real!

Congrats you two! You will have many cute babies. I say "many" because I've never met a pair of people who love babies more than Sara & Dillon... No but seriously, I'm hoping to get atleast 25 kids out of them ASAP and I'm crossing my fingers they donate atleast a couple to the Mansion.


  1. Ahh...I learned about this from Natalie's post on FB! Wow, that is a "happenin'" apt.!! They are the cutest couple...can't wait to get the where/when details!

  2. Such a cute post, Danielle, with a really darling couple. I don't know her but feel like I should from all of your picture postings in the past. Tell them congrats from your grandma!

  3. okay, your blog makes me laugh so hard. I know you're busy, but please don't let the blogging slip, because I love reading it. & lets get together asap, yeah, yeah, yeah.

  4. They're only the cutest couple because I haven't found my other half!! haha KIDDING. But really, I have never met a more baby hungry pair. Pretty kiddies! Yayyy!!



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