Tuesday, April 27, 2010

8 Prom Night 2010

Saturday we went to Sweet Cakes for Open Mic Night.

While they were closing up, some Prom goers stopped in to see what the deal was. Leslie wrote this song in their honor about prom on the spot. I only got the tail end where he proposes, but it's a little amazing. Nat & I have been laughing for 10 minutes at the "Prom Night 2010" hands towards the end.

Dear Leslie, I'm over you being in Mesa. Come back to me already.

This reminds me of how badly I want to go to Prom again. I'm seriously considering talking to some local high school boys to see if they're dying to take a cool college girl as their date. Oh wait, I already did that. Maybe what I really want is a pretty dress/get dolled up/cute boy combo night. Hit me up baby.


  1. everybody just wants to get a pretty dress and get dolled up and stuff. me and a girl i work with decided we are gunna do that as soon as I pop this kid out and have somewhat of a figure again. just to do it. probably go to mcdonalds but it will be fun!

  2. Aw Prom. (: My first one is this Saturday, and I'm so excited to wear my big Cinderella dress! I think you should find a random guy and go to McDs all dolled up. (: It would be fun fun fun!

  3. i love sweet cakes!!!!!! and i love leslie singing. and i love you.

  4. I enjoyed your post, Danielle, but couldn't decide if your friend was actually singing or lip syching(?)

  5. that's the real deal.
    she's a babe.

  6. those prom kids loved me almost as much as danielle did...

  7. i was in love. leslie's voice melted my soul. it was pure magic. I hope she performs again this week and does it again!

  8. I think at the next DeLoach family gathering we need a formal night, one where I am not wearing a white dress and a corset so tight I can't eat dinner....



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