Monday, April 26, 2010

4 i'm alive.

I'm home. Ugh.
My time in Arizona was spent doing what I honestly do best:
1. live in a swimmy suit
2. dance parties by the pool
3. wear no makeup
4. layout. no, i'm seriously a professional at this one.
5. love my az friends
I can't decide if spending a week in Arizona was a smart choice. I chillaxed a little too much & my sleep schedule is off. Sometimes I pretend like I'm a diva but then I remember I'm not & I have to work my butt off.

back to reality, oop there goes gravity.
peace out ya'll. i have class at the crack of dawn. grr.
bring on spring term. (i've been dreading these next few months for the past year...)


  1. I just have to say that laying out really is a talent. I tried to do it in Hawaii and didn't last long. Bubby was a sun goddess. Congrats on being so talented.

  2. hahaha jen's comment is hilarious. glad you had fun. i must gather details. good luck with early class! peace & love.

  3. Cute pic, Danielle! Sure was fun to read your Reader's Digest version of your trip. Now I wanna know more! Missed you over the weekend when Rachel was here! The whole marathon thing was fun and would have been more fun having you helping us cheer on the sidelines!



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