Monday, April 19, 2010

4 c u l8er.

I'm willing to battle almost anyone on this one: We have the best view in Provo.
I've been laying out on our grassy knoll quite a bit lately. Absolutely dreamy.
I love this tree. I love when it has pretty pink flowers on it. The flowers are only here for a short time & apparently I was super nervous about missing it this year because I couldn't even shut the front door before I ran outside to take a picture.
I'm headed to Arizona for a week now.
You know you've been a BYU student/Utah resident for far too long when you can't even find one pair of shorts to bring... Seriously? Wow.
But let's talk about Spring term for half a sec...
10 credits (that's 2 over the maximum amount allowed).
Teaching 4th grade full time.
I'm writing my Will up now just in case.

So yes, I will be taking full advantage of this trip. And if I don't make it into school on Monday morning don't be shocked, just call a Sub. The permanant kind.


  1. Such beautiful pictures of Spring! I love it! Your blog was just so interesting and fun, Danielle! I know you will get through this, after all you are your Mother and Father's daughter. I have never see TWO people get more done in my life and you are right behind them in goal setting and achievement. So proud of you, Danielle, and your amazing life! You have so much going for you, Girl!
    Have fun on your trip! Love you!

  2. Gorgeous tree...great pics and I have stressed FOR you about spring...I'm practically loosing sleep over it..o.k., not yet! But I will pray for your mental wellness through it all! I am so happy you get to go to have nice parents, huh? Oh and a nice roommate..

  3. um helllo.... did i ever tell you how smoking hot you are? well YOU ARE.

  4. When you write that will of yours, will you please put in there that I get all your clothes??
    Thanks! XOXO



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