Sunday, April 18, 2010

4 Mouse Drama

I love Disney World with all my heart. I was practically raised there. Seriously, when my parents ask us where we'd like to go on vacation, I still say Disney World...
Apparently my taste in vacations has not matured since I was five. For some reason though, I just remembered this story & busted up laughing.

When Spencer was about four and we were at Disney World, he asked about Mickey all day long. He seriously wanted to have a chat with Mickey Mouse before we left the park.
Finally, towards the end of the day, we got to go to Mickey's house. No one has ever seen such a stoked four year old.

A girl that works at the park brought us to the room where Mickey would come to visit. She told us to all back up against the wall and close our eyes because Mickey would be coming soon! (Really it was because this particular Mickey had no eye holes in his mask & therefore could not see where he was walking.) My mother, being pretty pumped about talking to Mickey herself, ran back to the wall and shut her eyes. Meanwhile, little Spencer is so freaking excited! So excited that he doesn't hear the instructions to get against the wall and instead plops himself down in the center of the room squeezing his eyes shut.
Mickey. is. coming.

Next thing you hear... 4 year old Spencer screams.
Yes, Mickey trampled my brother.
He cried & of course Mickey just put his hands on his cheeks like "Oh dear! I think I just squashed a child. Let's hug it out." There was no consoling poor Spencer. He had enough of Mickey.

To this day, Spencer...
Haha, I'm just kidding. I'm pretty sure he's over it. I'm gonna give him a call really quick though just to make sure.


  1. hahahhahahaha....such a terrific story! I just remember Spencer's little body looking like one of those crime scene chalk drawings-sprawled face-first on the ground; arms and legs all over! He was a bit traumatized...moral to the story...You may not always like what you wish for!

  2. HILARIOUS! I remember you telling that story at girls camp. I'm glad that you told it again so I can re tell it correctly to my hubby. Funny, funny story. I can't wait to take my kids to Disney World!

  3. Ha Hilarious I remember when that happened

  4. okay, i just cried reading this. My favorite part is how mom was so excited she forgot about her toddler in the middle of the room. Spencer was also trampled by a llama, I passed one the other day and remembered that story.



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