Wednesday, January 27, 2010

7 it started as a joke, i swear . . .

So, a few weeks ago Sarri-do-dah and I decided to tune into The Bachelor to make fun of it (bad idea). About an hour and 30 minutes into the season premier, the criticizing and poking fun stopped and the predictions started. Who might win? I wonder who's really here for Jake? How many of these girls have had, eh em, plastic surgery?

So I will now forcefully expose you to my personal rankings thus far. (Please don't judge me for writing a blog about a television show. You don't understand my current life situation & the fact that I live vicariously through people these days.)

Tenley, i've said it from day one and i'll say it again, you are amazing. If Jake does not choose you, I will take it upon myself to punish him. Heart you 4ever girlfriend.

Ali, yeah yeah, your date was adorable, but you're starting to bug. There's only 5 spots left so I have to put you somewhere.

OMG Gia. Your hair! Umm, can I scalp you please? Ok, you're a doll, but that doesn't mean you're a great match for Jake. And that doesn't mean your cheesy laugh doesn't bug the crap out of me. Nothing personal.

Corrie, umm, hmmm.... got nothing.

Vienna, wow. You are so strange. I am really confused why you are still here. I must say, you have a pretty mouth and the bottom of your nose is great, but the top of your nose and eyes really bother me. No, I did not pause the show 50 times and cover up parts of your face until I figured that out. Anyways, get lost woman, you're stressin me out.You must understand, my analyzations have come from many discussions with the roommates and long hours of thinking about Jake's future. So they're extremely accurate.

AND Moral of the Story: Never start anything as a joke, because it's really embarrassing when it turns around & smacks you in the face proven by the fact that you live & breathe for 7pm on Monday night.


  1. haha this is a good little confessional.
    usually the more ridiculous = the more addictive.
    i have a few guilty, although NOT RELIGIOUS, pleasures:
    millionaire matchmaker
    jersey shore.
    the occasional orange housewives.
    leave logic at the door, i don't get it.

  2. oohh..sooo pathetic, Danielle..I'm so sorry that it has come to this!

  3. same story here! stu even watches with me now and i have to say about 70% of my conversations on mondays have to do with bachelor! i have the EXACT same list as you too. stu has gia at the bottom though, weirdo. vienna needs to go!

  4. I'm obsessed too Dani!! I picked Tenley from day 1 too...she is so amazingly gorgeous and sweet, I love her!...I wouldn't change anything with your rankings! Vienna has got to go next week...

  5. It started as a joke with us too!! And now.. my husband and I are completely hooked. And if Jake doesn't choose Tenley, I will be very upset. Oh, and Vienna should totally go home next week. And I like Ali too, but she is getting annoying. I pretty much agree with you on all points!

  6. you inspired me to watch the old episodes while bored after class yesterday. i only got to week 3, so far, but its nice to know who else will be eliminated. i agree though, vienna is obnocious and needs to go. i don't really care about corrie or gia. but i think so far i like ali a little better than tenley. they're both great though!

  7. I don't watch this show, nor am I tempted to watch it but I have my own little entertainment addictions. I LOVE "The Mentalist", "24", and "The Young and The Restless." Thank goodness for the fast forward button though so I can censure when I want to rule out unsavory parts. The writing is good on all three of these, though you have to suspend reality at times. I'm glad you have something you enjoy and can look forward to it, Danielle. Love you, Girl!



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