Monday, January 25, 2010

4 This one goes out to Dave.

Yesterday was chaotic.
But the highlight had to be when I was sitting on the couch & my roommates start freaking out about our fridge leaking. Not gonna lie, I didn't jump to my feet because I just assumed it wasn't that big of a deal. Sorry roommates. Finally they yelled, "It's flooding! Call Dave!"
I did not want to do this because i'm pretty sure Dave's already fixed a good 90% of our condo issues, including about ten he had fixed less than 24 hours before. However, I made the frantic phone call telling him our house was "flooding." When I finally stand up to look at the "lake," it's more like a mini stream. I try to tell Dave this so he doesn't worry as much but I looked at my phone to see he had already hung up. I guess he teleported himself over because I'm pretty sure I turned around and he was already in our kitchen. Yes, I got made fun of for calling it a "flood" but that is what I was told.... eh em.
Sorry friends & family who have been married or had babies. Your announcements didn't survive the flood as they were knocked off the wall into it while rescuing survivors. We will try to remember who you are.
Donations to the flood victims can be put in HP mailbox 10. Thank you for your kindness.

And thank you David Taggart. Your innate man-fixing skills have saved the Cheetah Mansion on countless occasions.


  1. ummmm amen to that. Dave is the greatest. I'd list of the things that he has fixed/done for our house, but the list is FAR too long. Dave freaking rocks. Enough said.

  2. Once again, very clever writing, Danielle. I enjoyed your "flood" story a lot. I really enjoyed the picture of the young man in the tie being saved by the other young man in a tie. Your pictures show all of the trauma and devastation you all were experiencing.

  3. bahahah almost as bad as the night ashley and i were locked in the apartment while you and natalie were locked out hhahaha ALMOST.

    and yes. dave taggart deserves the world's best award for being the best. what a hero. as always.

  4. haha! i love this! what would HP be without DT! He's the best thing to ever happen to that place...and all the ladies in the ward! :) PS.. I looked at that website, and its nasty how real those things looked! ahaha wow!



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