Tuesday, January 12, 2010

6 found some gems at home.

grandmother & rachy roo
spence meister
kris & rach
me & rooie
me & stephers
rach, kris, me & steph. good days.
fuzzy head
roo at disneyworld. still our favorite place.
hippity hop
we still love kristin's legs.
steph, kris, me & rachy
rach, spence, dani
rach, mom, me
we're cool.
steppy, roo, kris & dani


  1. I loved the cookie-eating picture...the faces got messier as you went down in age! Also, the one of you girls in your stripes...that is great-grandmother's current house you are in...I didn't realize she has lived there so long! Those were a fun trip down memory lane!

  2. I'm prescribing a flat iron for the "fuzzy head" picture!

  3. These pictures are priceless and I have many of them in my own photo albums. The one of you four little urchins at the little white table with messy faces was taken in my kitchen on Annwood Road many years ago. It seems like yesterday! Such fond and happy memories here! As usual you did a great job posting these, Danielle!

  4. Hmmm...it appears as if we had the same swimming suit growing up. This is what I like to see. Fashionista's from day 1. Let's hear it for the early 90's!!

  5. I remember all of this and when you all looked like that and now you are all super models. lol So this is what super models look like as little kids apparently.

  6. hahahahha Nancy, you kill me! Okay, I loved this post.. I'm looking @ it @ work and feel like a dork bc I'm smiling at my computer. baha. Loved it! Love you!



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