Sunday, January 10, 2010

8 one happy family.

It seems the Cheetah Mansion's a little baby hungry. We've all been talking about how much we want a baby around here. So, as an apartment, we made the decision to adopt. The plan is: I will go to the adoption agency with a boy(friend) and we will pretend to adopt together, but PSYCH! It'll really be for the Cheetahs only. I can just see it now...
Can you imagine her on her first day of kindergarten?
"Hi, my name is Cheetah Cub & I have 5 moms."


  1. AHHAHAHAH! I am laughing so hard. This picture is disgusting, and wonderful.

  2. bahaahahahaaahaha! oh my gosh, seriously dani one of the funniest posts ever. i am still crying!

  3. I just cried. and maybe peed a little. your blog is my favorite. Can i nominate it to win something?

  4. Your blog entry reminded me of the show I saw. I saw Wanda Sykes on a brief shot on Ellen show and apparently, she has twin babies with her female friend and there are two moms in that household. Ellen gave her baby t-shirts that said, it was the other Mom or something like that. What a mixed up confusion and mess! I know you meant a funny by this but in real life it is not so funny for these poor kids! They will grow up without a dad!

  5. no lie i can't control my laughter and bladder.
    okay, SARA? can we just examine her? that is the most brilliant thing ever.... i am dying! can i please post this on facebook?



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