Friday, January 15, 2010

2 random ramblings IV

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with anything accept that it makes me laugh hysterically. This is my sister after an FHE gone wrong in the Bounce House a couple years ago. Let that be a lesson to you kids. Being the awesome sister I am, I stayed at the hospital all night with her after a frantic call from my mom that my sister was basically dead. Well, she's alive.
Next item of interest: Application is in. Now the wait begins. Pray for me, cross your fingers, whatever your form of wishing luck is, do that for me.
Ok, can I get a "woot, woot!" here for anyone that watches Jersey Shore? I don't. But last night, my hair apparently looked like Schnookie's or Snookum's or whatever that girl's name is. The good news is, it was completely accidental. I thought I looked like Martha Washington but my roommates insisted I was Snooks. So, here I am pouring my heart out, giving a roommate in need, advice, to finally take a good look at my "friends" & see they're all staring at the top of my head. They told me "they can't take me seriously" or some crap like that.
Leslie says I should try out for Jersey Shore & be the hottie since I'm loaded and have tan skin, black hair & a perfectly adequate Jersey accent.
I hope I'm not becoming socially awkward. Last Saturday I lost my planner for about 8 hours & felt naked. Is that normal? My roommate said it's a sign I should stop doing homework for once. UMM, I'M SORRY THAT I'M SO FREAKING SMART AND WANT TO HAVE A GOOD FUTURE AND DRIVE A NICE CAR SO EVERYONE WILL BE JEALOUS OF ME! Gah.


  1. I love that your motivation for doing homework is that people will be jealous of you one day. lol



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