Sunday, January 31, 2010

8 Best Buddies Ball

It was so lovely.
Nancy got me a BFF necklace & as part of her BFF duties, she decided to let me in on some relationship advice. First she told me I should date a girl. Then she said i'd be a good girlfriend of a Drag Queen... after the dance she wanted McDonalds. While we were there, she told me she wanted to ask the cashier if he would take me out. I told her to please not do that....
Girl, Drag Queen & McDonald's cashier. Ummmm

So this was my favorite part: This guy Alexander must have had a little crush because he gave Nancy a Gerber Daisy & they danced for like 8 million songs. He was the cutest/sweetest ever.
Then, Nancy decided to go dance with Reed! Nat & I knew there was some potential drama about to unfold, so we distracted Alexander & started dancing with him. He kept yelling out "Pretty girls ROCK!" Bahahah. So nice. No one else shouts that out when they dance with me.
Here's Nancy & Reed. Darling.
And of course the night wouldn't be complete without a Landy pic. Landeezy's our favorite.
At the end of the night Nancy gave me the heart around her neck & told me to use it to get into clubs.
Such a success. I love that Nancy Pants.


  1. Oh my gosh that is all so hilarious. I hope Landeezy still has his heart in the right place :).

  2. Danielle, I loved reading about the Buddies Prom! It's just so cute and sweet. You have been such a friend to Nancy!

  3. The sweetest pictures, Danielle! I sure did enjoy this story and the pictures, too. How wonderful that you get to do something so lovely!

  4. Looks like so much fun! Cute pictures!

  5. dating a girl drag queen. and a mcdonalds cashier. hmm. I think i'd be more concerned about the mcdonalds cashier.

  6. hahaha oh man. laughing still. i love nancy.

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