Saturday, January 30, 2010

5 Dopplafoglalingers

So this Doppleoffers week on the FB is really sucking everyone in. Including my mom. She's been a little stressed about me not changing my profile picture to my celeb look alike. She also wanted to discuss with me who I thought everyone in our family looked like. Some were easy & others I had to throw into the celeb look-alike generator.

Here's what we've got.
Dad as Sean Hayes. At first I got Denzel Washington, but then I realized I just used too tan of a picture of my dad. Mom as Lady Diana. Even though the worker at Costco thinks she looks just like Carolyn Kennedy & tells her that everytime she goes.
Me as this chica, Vanessa Marcil. I don't see it. But I put a million different pictures in because i was not satisfied with the resemblence & she was spit out every time. It didn't matter though, all of my top 10 were always either Hispanic or Italian...
Rachy Roo as Charlize Theron. Must be nice.
Spence as Josh Hartnett. Hah Haha.
And Chasers as Justin Bieber. Of course.

Are you happy now mom? Looks like everyone has a Doloppawaffle.
Who's your Dopplefinger?


  1. bahahah Spence & Chases are scarily close. But the first time I saw Justin Bieber, he looked EXACTLY like chase only a year or two older and sings love songs. oh wait, chase does that too.

  2. Ha Ha. Totally agree with your mom and dad's matches. Although, you look nothing like Vanessa. Not even close!

  3. OK, you missed it with DAD totally!!! Robert Urich! Robert Urich! I must change! Fun post Danielle!

  4. Oh, and you as Jacklyn Smith! Try it!

  5. So you're pretty amazing at picking these dopllers out... any suggestions for this mug of mine?! :) haha



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