Monday, November 30, 2009

6 An Underwear Predicament

Overheard conversation last year:
Unnamed Roomie 1: Ugh, I'm all out of underwear & I don't want to wash mine.
Unnamed Roomie 2: Have you used up all your swimsuit bottoms?
1: Yes.
2: Turned your dirty underwear inside out?
1: Ew.
2: Well then your only option is to buy more underwear.

Uhh... Or wash it... This is where I was tempted to chime in & offer to put their dirtiness in with my laundry.
But now it's my problem. I left all my undie wears at home in my dryer. The question is, which option should I go with

P.S. I have 5 more novels to read by December 9. That's 9 days people. Let me make it known that I have not been procrastinating. This class is just crazy (but i still love it).


  1. BUY NEW.
    i love underwear.
    freshman year my roomie and i avoided the laundromat and sold our souls to victoria secret.
    probably the best decision i ever made.

  2. uh...yeah...I pulled them out of the dryer today and thought "uh-oh"...hmmm...

  3. Good luck on all the reading! I need to go and pick up the last Twilight book. I am reading the Sarah Palin book and another one by Sheri Dew plus my scriptures daily. I have way too many magazines to keep up with them also. Also good luck in solving the undiewear problem! Love you, Sweetheart!

  4. wow, I thought only boys did stuff like that. lol good luck with that reading. at least you like to read.



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