Saturday, November 28, 2009

I'm feeling like this guy lately.
I. Love. Christmas.
I had to refrain myself from starting the Christmas talk until after Thanksgiving, but now that it's here, I might get a little obnoxious about it.
While I was home, my mom & I designed & created our Christmas card & newsletter. It was fun & they're darling. We only had to whip out 8 jabillion so chances are you'll get one in the mail.

Sometimes when I think about Chase's 4 year old Christmas list, I still laugh: That was it. What a simple list & unique child...
I mean, it is a good idea, putting the things you definately don't want on your Christmas list. For example, this year's Christmas list for me:
Thanks Santa Baby, you rock.


  1. I am going to enjoy your posts all the way through December, Danielle! That is quite a nice Christmas list you have there! I think I will make one up, too. Where did you get the graphic? I posted that funny picture of you with Spencer on my FB page. That is such a typical funny Danielle face! Sure got a kick out of it!

  2. Sooooo funny (again!) Danielle! Great lists...yes Chase's will be forever remembered! I hope you get ALL the things on your list! You deserve it!

  3. That was THE funniest Christmas list I have ever read. and you have the best blog I've ever read.

  4. here's an idea:
    today i came home to find that our beautiful Christmas tree has been redecorated by the roomies. WITH my underwear. it added a nice splash of color and i think i might just leave them there and take them as i need them. haha.
    funny post

  5. its not to much to ask for a non looser non lame boy. I dont think so anyways. lol

  6. where did you get that christmas list thingy... it was cool



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