Thursday, December 03, 2009

4 Compare with the real Justin.

Justin Beiber, what a cutie. But honestly, how many times have I heard that he looks/acts just like my brother Chase? Too many to count. My mom saw a picture of Justin once & thought it was Chase... his own mother.

We were even watching his music videos & my roommates were cracking up, "It's so Chase! It's so Chase!"

So, of course over break we shot a music vid at 3am in Chase's bedroom. The girls are my two cousins & a girl from the ward, so you know it's legit. {Let me add that we took none of this seriously & were laughing the whole time. Chase is a good sport & a good actor as you can tell. Let me also add that my video editing skills are actually much better than this, i just threw it together in about 2.5 minutes. And finally, let me add that Chase knew none of the words. At all. Because at his school, Justin Beiber is "so gay" So he doesn't listen to "that stuff" Saying that, I hope this never leaks out to his buddies.} Enjoy.

And if you're just extremely bored. Here's some more for your viewing pleasure.

And since it's Christmas... here's a little Chase making fun of Michael Buble.


  1. ohmy ohmy oh my!!!! giggling so hard right now in the library. tears forming. people looking at me like i'm crazy.
    oh I do believe this made my day.

  2. ummm...Chase is cuter than Justin...I'm just sayin'

  3. I forgot how funny multiple stolworthy kids are together. lol

  4. These clips are just priceless! I had so much fun watching them and laughing at them, too! Of course, I am laughing with you all, not at you. I have to say my grandkids keep me so entertained in every way possible! Love these blogs!



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