Sunday, November 01, 2009

4 mouth of babes

Sister and brother Kendyl & Luke and brother and sister Jake & Easton.
They're all cousins.
Watched these kids since Easton was a newbie & Luke was in the womb.
Love them.
If I had a choice, I'd be a nanny for the rest of my life. Seriously. These kids are so so darling & I miss them so much when I come out to school. Now that they're older, the funniest things come out of their mouths. These are a few favorites:
One time I went over just after working out. Normally I'm dressed in my everyday clothes & Kendyl (at the time 3 years) would say, "Oh my goodness! I love your shirt! Where did you get it?" This particular time I had on some red shorts. When I walked in she came running to the door & said, "Hi! Oh... wow... i love... your shorts. They're so........ red."
I know. I looked scary. Creative compliment though, I must say.

Once I was sitting at the dinner table with all the cousins. Everything's quiet until Luke points at me & says "Her has big boobs."
Ummm.... I'll just ignore that one.

One time I was watching all the kiddos. Luke brings up a Santa Claus stuffed animal.
Me: "Oh my goodness Luke! That's the cutest Santy Claus!"
Luke: "It's not a Santa Claus Dayelle, It's a Ho Ho."
Easton (angry & yelling): "THAT IS NOT A HO HO LUKEY! IT'S JESUS!"

I can't find the earliest pictures, so these will have to do!
Through the years:
Kendyl & Jake (2 1/2 years) Luke (7 months)
Easton (10 months), i love that cute face!
Kendyl (2 1/2) Summer 07 Kendyl & Luke summer 07
Luke summer 07
Easton summer 07
Kendyl December 07
Lukey Summer 08
Fireworks this summer! July 09
What happens when you're all alone with 4 kids & 3 of them start screaming crying when the fireworks start & they're all begging for you to hold them at once? Yeah, I don't know either.

Watching fireworks in PJ's. I highly recommend it.
Luke (3), Easton (3 1/2), Jake (4 1/2) & Kendyl (4 1/2)

I think these clips are so cute of Easton telling Luke about the fireworks. She's the funniest little girl.


  1. Great post, again, Danielle! I know it gets redundant, but so so entertaining! Funny, funny, quotes!

  2. Wow! I haven't heard the boob story before! lol



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