Wednesday, November 04, 2009


That was the subject line of an email I recieved from Mr. Sam Nielsen about 2 weeks ago.
He was nervous to plan a birthday party for his wifey. Maybe he had heard about how Cheetahs celebrate & felt overwhelmed...
The funny thing is, I had already planned on doing Al's entire birthday & then just letting Sam in on it. I tend to think of boys of not being very on the ball with birthdays & such, but not Sambo, he beat me to the punch.
Anyways, we had to be "secret agents" according to Sam in planning this. I told Sam to delete every text, email & facebook chat convo with me. I didn't get out of dance until 7:30, so Sam ended up taking her out to dinner & then to Curtis & Candace's to put if off some more. I was sure Al knew about it because it was on facebook & she works with some of the people we invited. Anyways, she walked in and was shocked. It was hilarious.
So I made a few goodies this week with some help from fellow Cheetahs.
Kitchen slave nonstop.

And brought some baggies for people to fill. And it was a success!!! She was surprised! So cute. Yeah, we pulled it off.the cake Sam & Al Sam, Alli, Candace & Curtis Me & Syd the Sloth JDizzle & AshMe & Sar. She rocks too.

Are they tall or is she short?
(Little of both)
Ash Bash & Whitney
Me & my favorite Cam Cam
Sam! My co-conspirator
Al Pal & Davey J. So happy he's home.
My girls.
Happy 22nd boo! Love you!


  1. How fun was that! Great write-up on the partay, Dani! Looks like you had a great time and as previously stated...WOW! On the cookies! I loved your baggin' idea!

  2. it really was so cute dani, you did such a good job. you are like the ultimate party planner. and allisons reaction was priceless. she's lucky to have such good friends like you and sarah. love you!

  3. What an unselfish good deed, Danielle! You are wonderful!



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