Thursday, November 05, 2009

9 nanny dani

I don't want to even get started on this. I love my job but will be forced to quit in December because of my teaching practicum starting in January. I've talked to the chair of the Elementary Program & keeping my job is impossible. This makes me terribly terribly sad. You guys, I hate having hours of free time. It's just not me. I want a job in the winter. But the hours I'd be able to work are so random & skewed that it's nearly impossible. I've been trying to get creative.
I've been searching for jobs where I can work from home & also jobs where I can babysit/nanny.
I don't know if Provo, Utah or Franklin, Tennesse is more ridiculous, but everything I've seen posted online has asked for babysitters for less than $5/hour. Umm, what??? Isn't that breaking some sort of child labor laws? I've been doing this since I was 10. I can change two diapers at once while pushing a kid on the swing.
Maybe i've been a bit spoiled, I get atleast double if not triple that back home.
Or maybe I need to not be so picky if I really do want a job.


  1. Ahh! That's crazy. No way. Changing Kyle's diaper would definitely call for a $10!

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  3. Sorry, I deleted that comment (spelling error). Anyway. I babysit a kid 3 hours/day, 4 days/week, $10/day, for a grand total of $40/week. I know his mom is getting a screaming good deal, but she is a single mother and it was either $10/day or nothing, so I chose $10/day. Plus, he's 5, so I don't have to change his diapers. And he actually entertains my kids so I get more done when he is here... maybe I should be THEM...

  4. I think it's probably a little bit of both. Spoiled and Utah has an unusually low rate as well. You could look and compare the different options and I guess it just comes down to if you want any money or not, or if you can find another job that would work with your schedule.

  5. oh i know! my mom once told me about a family that she got $1 a day for because it was a struggling single mom. Maybe she's a better person than I am... I actually wouldn't mind helping someone else for no money a few times a week, but i want a real job too :)

  6. when it says "NatCamp" it means Dani... Sorry, on my roommates computer!

  7. Hillarious again! Not the 'wanting a job' part, but the changing two kids' diapers/pushing a stroller part! You are sooo funny and cute! Have you looked on line more for BYU jobs that are "come and work when you can" jobs, or maybe pleaded with all those economic professors who are your fans, and aske them if you can rake their leaves? or collect their mail, or walk their dog. lol

  8. I always thought you were really paid handsomely here in TN for babysitting. Not that you didn't deserve it, Danielle, but it just seemed over the top. I thought you were going to be so busy with the intern thing. Like your Momma I got such a kick out of the hyperbabysitter you described yourself to be!



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