Friday, October 30, 2009

4 facebook & brothers.

This is my roommate Ash & her fiance JD (sort of).I love JD, but I was always hoping Ash would become a sister-in-law. You see, both my brothers are in love with her. Both my brothers have also left heartbreaking comments on her facebook wall this week.
Chase to Ashley: "OMG!!!! you're like totally engaged!! man that means i don't have a chance!!"
Spencer to Ashley: "ashley... it appears that you've left me for another person, something which truly disheartens me... though our paths diverge, our hearts may go on. my soul aches and rejoices at news of your engagement... on a slightly unrelated note, our birthdays are one day apart."
The other day I was doing something that I usually leave to my mom: facebook stalking my brother. In doing this, I discovered my brother has a fan page on facebook. No one told me about this which really peeves me. Do you know Spencer? Do you know how funny he is? You should. Am I surprised he has a fan page? Not even close.

Quotes that people wrote on his fan page that are making me laugh (I chose the mild ones, most of what he says is politically incorrect...):
"It is the seventeenth day of the ninth month of the 2009th year of our Lord and I am wasting away in the library, writing a paper about a book that I did not read."
"Don't you know theres an inverse relation to our efficiency here and the number of communists at the table?"
"I feel naked without Alan and Steve here...they are my loincloth."
"Love fades. AP Euro, however, does not."
"I do not make fun of races, I make fun of countries...and their inhabitants."
*kenz tripped down the stairs into spencer: "Ah kenz...the grace of 1,000 unicorns."
Ha. What a guy!


  1. hahahaa! hilarious.
    gee ash, what a heartbreaker...

  2. I am laughing sooo sooo hard! He is so hillarious, isn't he?

  3. Spencer is quite a guy! With all that he has going for him, humility might be the hardest thing for him to hang on to. He has it now but just sayin'...There is a million and one reasons to be proud of my grandson, Spencer!

  4. Spencer and Chase are BOTH hilarious. Spencer is the wittiest person I know.



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