Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'm so obsessed with babies this week (mmm always).
I keep asking my roommates if we can adopt one if I promise to take care of it.
No, they say.
Baby haters.
I love perfect little fingers & little noses & little lips.
Oh my gosh.

It doesn't help that my cousins are all popping out the cutest babies right & left. Mom's side is having all girls, Dad's side is having boys. Best of both worlds. Time to squeeze on some of those angels.


  1. You and a million other women, Danielle! It was so funny though about your roomies hating babies cause they wouldn't let one come into your cheetah mansion. You make me smile EVERY DAY and I really need it today. I loss a dear sweet aunt today, a second mother to me!

  2. i know! i'm sorry :(
    aunt jean was such a gem! we will be lucky to see her again & all our other family members on the other side! i love you grandmother!

  3. You make me smile. You need to go see Krugh! He's so big! and he smiles and coos a bit now too. Love it!

  4. Krugh does other cool tricks too! He can stand and hold up his own head...he'll be running @ 9 months..i'm calling it right now.

  5. Oh boy! You are the funniest! I really think you should print off your blog, then go to a newspaper and have them hire you. You are so entertaining, Danielle...I ALSO cracked up at the Baby Haters unexpected and funny! on a side note...I love babies too!



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