Tuesday, October 27, 2009

3 biased maybe?

Out of each of these pictures, who's prettier?

Well, if you guessed Gisele, Sienna Miller, Eva Longoria or Jessica Biel, you were just completely wrong. At least according to my Grandmother.
{The correct answers are noted by ribbons & silly faces}

If I send my Grandmother a bunch of pictures I've taken, she'll email me back with, "You're the prettiest in all of those." Now, this is not a brag post. Far from it actually. Because in most of the pictures i send, i'm clearly struggling a little bit. Hair flying, crooked smile, something's always up, but somehow according to my grandmother, i'm still the prettiest one! Now how in the world does that work?!
This actually happens with all 4 of her granddaughters. We like to tease her about it, but I guess it's okay if she's a little biased. Plus, look how far we've come!
*Kristin, please don't kill me for letting the world now know about your childhood mullet.


  1. Oh my gosh, you had me totally CRACKING UP, Danielle! I got so tickled over that post and yes, you girls are the prettiest and I know you are the nicest ones out there! Everyone should see it my way which is true! The picture at the end was just perfect to put a cap on your little story! How do you manage to write such fun stuff, Danielle! Oh,I was thinking it might not hurt to add names to the bottom of those darling little girls pictures.

  2. SOOOOOOO GREATTTT!!!!! I lOVED this! Hillarious...now, to give you dear grandmother credibility, you need to put some real glam pics up! Because those DO exist and you are 4 of the prettiest girls alive! (and there's NO bias here!)

  3. That is SOOO funny. And so true. We had the greatest childhood.



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