Wednesday, October 21, 2009

3 bad times good times

This semester was a bumpy one for a second there.
Yeah. When three of your best friends vanish in a year... it makes it a little rough.
But do you know what? I'm happy for them! And not only that but for the last month I've been feeling really good. A lot of personal things, but good, good things that have made this all ok.
Plus, this lovely lady's gonna be moving into the mansion:

Oh, you can't tell who that is? Well, it's Miss Sara Rae.

Does this picture adequately show my love for her?

P.S. Today is Sister Maegan Olsen's birthday!! Check out my birthday post for her on her mission blog here.


  1. I should be sewing but I just want to read your blog instead! So funny the way you "stamped" on your unavailable friends..I loved that! So happy you're happy...that makes me HAPPY!!!!

  2. You are so clever, Danielle. I liked the way you were able to put a label on your friends, too. It helps me keep them straight. I have only met Megan the missionary. When does she come home and will you be rooming together when she does come home again?



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