Friday, October 23, 2009

3 Dear Ash Ecks,

When I run across pictures like this one from Peru I can't help but smile.
Do you remember how epic this night was & how we woke up the next day laughing?
Let's go back. I'm missing it like crazy. Double date? You take JD & I'll talk to Unicorn.
Love, DJ


  1. Hillarious...yet somehow scary. The guy looking at you looks like Michael Jackson..???

  2. HAHA i just laughed so hard! They were our FRIENDS mom! Can't remember that dudes name though.

  3. i agree with your mom, he DOES look like MJ! ooh and you HAVE to read hunger games and tell me what you think! i loooved it dani, like i was IN the book, i was so into it. stu's reading it now too and he is so hooked!



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