Monday, October 19, 2009

4 born to fall short

My roommates always tell people i sing like Mariah Carey which is actually a problem. Once people hear me sing, they are very disappointed. I mean, Mariah is one of the best singers out there... so it's kinda hard to compete.

I wish they'd tell people I sang like William Hung.

Then, no matter how I sang, i'd get a thunder round of applause after every performance. This reminds me of a scenario that has been repeated for my entire life.
Dani: "Mom! Mom! Guess what I just got on my test?!!"
Mom: very excited "A 100!?"
No, mom. I only got a 98. Sorry to disappoint you.
When will she ever learn that your first guess should be somewhere around 50%?


  1. Danielle, that's really funny! Clever writing AGAIN!!!!! You are so CLEVER!!!! I (heart) you!!!!

  2. Two things.
    01 - I love that Aunt Karen said "heart" you. :) and

    02 - When will they ever learn?!?! Seriously. Great topic. Love you!!

  3. Funny, Danielle. You will disappoint your own children, Danielle. Every parent does. Still when your parents get it about 98% right, they are really doing something great! Kari, you are a great Momma!



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