Monday, August 31, 2009

5 secret's out:

My family definately knows this about me, my roommates probably know this about me, but okay, i'll admit it, I'm the biggest undercover nerd you'll ever meet. I went to buy all my books & new planner the other day & i got SO excited. A week before class starts, i'll check on blackboard everyday to see if my syllabus are up yet. I'll find all my assignments for the semester, write them in my planner & highlight each class in a different color. (It's very embarrassing when everyone sees it on the first day of class.) I do all assignments atleast a week ahead of time throughout the semester & if it's a poster i'll probably do it a month ahead of time. I love posters. I've been this way ever since kindergarten. So, as much as I gripe & complain about school, now that it's my last year, i'm getting a little sad. Atleast I can put all my nerdy, anal-ness energy into teaching this next fall.
I can't believe this is my last, first day of school ever!!
First day of school, 1st grade (we couldn't find the kindergarten pictures & it's too bad because i took some pretty sassy pictures)

first day of my senior year of college*disclaimer: i would love school 8 majillion times more if there were no tests. i will write a paper any hour of the day, but no matter how much i try, i will never, ever feel even impartial to taking tests. i will procrastinate until the hour before to study. hate them. the end.
*disclaimer numero dos: i will probably start complaining about my work load in one week. holy canoly i'm taking a lot of classes!


  1. Haha... I'm very similar!! I write all of my assignments in my planner, with deadlines leading up to them to do rough drafts, research, etc. However, I do these on the first night of class; I do not do it before class... That would just be psycho. ;) Good luck this semester!!! You'll do great.

  2. Hey, Danielle, you are just following common sense! Congratulatons for having common sense, not everybody does! Enjoyed your post a lot! Such cute pictures of you! A friend of mine has been a teacher for many years and she just finished up her master's degree recently---so never say never!

  3. umm you're teaching, so you have a million first days of school left, honey. nice try though :) i love you..let's graduate together!

  4. or let's not.
    don't you have like 40 years left dr. stolworthy?

  5. LOVE this haven't changed a bit (in looks or in responsibility)!!! So cute. You are an awesome FIRST child to forge the way! Love you!



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