Thursday, August 20, 2009

5 i'm here!

i'm in arizona! the trip went smooth & we made it in about 11 hours. we left at 7am which pulled us in to arizona early evening. i kicked it with nat in the front seat while leslie slept the entire time, haha, but it was fun! i have awesome roommates.

only about 30 minutes into driving an alert came on that we needed to check the air in the tires so we stopped at the sketchiest air hose ever. but it was free. my view
grey shirts & yoga pants. it's the thing to wear apparantly. lunch stop
almost there...
& i love leslie. & yes, we are listening to mmmbop.


  1. Whoa, that landscape is nothing I have ever seen before in my LIFE! Incredible...and so not green

  2. hahaha! YES! i'm so happy you said that because the whole time we were driving i was telling nat how my brothers would be so surprised to see this part of the U.S. since they're used to so much GREEN. Didn't realize you hadn't seen it either.

  3. hahaa love how les reacted to your creeping! so excited you're here! see you friday :)

  4. Glad you made it okay, Danielle! I enjoyed the Arizona landscape. It has been ages since I was in Arizona. It really is different country out there!

  5. Danielle...SO GLAD you made it there safe and sound! Leslie looks soo different I didn't recognize her..tell her Asay says hi!



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