Monday, August 17, 2009

6 random ramblings

i took sleeping pills last night to actually knock me out. guess what? it worked. i slept from 10pm to 7am. ahhh. nice.
however i'm having issues today, i feel like all my movements are extra slow. it's annoying. last week i had a dream that i robbed a store (naturally), but when i tried to run away i had large, heavy, weights attached to my feet so each step took about 5 seconds. but i still got away from the cops. like i said, it was a dream.
my friends should really come back to provo. it's kind of annoying having them all over the country.
this weekend nat & i got ice cream. i know, i broke the diet, but it was necessary. we met ice cream scoopers steve & jason. i asked them if their arm muscles were extra big from scooping all that ice cream. jason winked at me. i also begged natalie to hold my hand & act like we were on a date for kicks. she wouldn't do it, that stinker.
i wonder if i'll ever go clubbing at a-51 again. it seems like i should for old times sake, but those cages seem groddier every time. my parents met at a-51, only back in 1985 it was called xenon. i don't think i'll ever find love in a club, even though usher & my parents think it's possible.
i want to start a recipe blog, but now that everyone's doing it, it wouldn't even be cool & unique & i'm pretty indie, so i only do stuff if it's cool & unique.
i really want to be an event planner. i love parties. i think i'm gonna throw a party for the fall, but it'll be really exclusive & you can only get in if your name is on the list. Kind of like My Super Sweet 16 or a Sparks Lounge party.
One time we went to a Sparks Lounge party & my name was on the list but my friend's wasn't. awkward.
i'm an adventure girl. maybe i should really do that study abroad in new zealand next year like i've always wanted. can you imagine your first year ever teaching with a bunch of new zealand cuties?
do you know what i miss? i miss facebook stalking with ashley eckel in the basement. she can discover the craziest things about people. I also miss how she would secretly record me every time i'd sing just to be tricky.
fall is going to be so busy. whenever i think about it, i want to cry a little. 2 more weeks of freedom & then it's craziness from sun up til sun down.
i've also discovered some of the most annoying people in the world are elementary education majors. they're all either major suck ups, unhumanly, robotically nice or extra whiny about the B+ they got on their test. so, if i'm extra cranky in the fall, just remember the people i'm surrounded by all day.
i talked to sara rae for about 5 hours yesterday.


  1. i want to ramble on like you.
    p.s. did you call the diet hot line when you ran in to get ice cream? i really hope you did, just for kicks.

  2. can you IMAGINE meeting your husband at A-51? hahaha "love at first.. grody cage dance"

  3. oh my goodness. you should totally go to new zealand. HECK! I'll go with you. I want to go there so badly. Love your blogs Danielle!

  4. I love em too! you are so fun and clever and so talented with writing Danielle!

  5. DANIIIIIII this post made me miss you so much!! I wish I could electronically zap my self into Provo RIGHT NOW!!! I neeeeed to see you. I need to spend countless, pointless hours in the lair with you. Although I wont hesitate to mention that just as I was getting ready to leave provo those last couple weeks YOU were the one wanting to record ourselves singling melodious melodies.

    I MISS YOU! I'm coming home to you!



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