Sunday, August 23, 2009

*I know everyone's dying to see Alli's wedding post, but the OCD in me needs to do this all in the right order.
Thursday was so great. First went to lunch with Sara & Spencer. Can i just say how completely stoked i am to have all my freshman boys off their missions and back up at school again? Some of them are in my ward next year & a lot of them will be living close by. So amazing.
That night was Al & Sam's dinner. So good to see her. She's been so busy lately & I feel like I rarely talk to her anymore. I cried about 8 million times that night. What's my problem? I never used to cry ever. Well, it's Allison's fault I became a crier so I guess it's completely appropriate i'd be tearing up in her honor.
Sam & Alli
We call each other "Puzzle" because we fit so well together. Here's proof.
Sam's still a little unsure about the Cheetah thing.
So we just smile instead.
That night we went to hang out with our freshman boys. Once again, amazing. They're so much fun to be around & I realized how much I missed them while they were on their missions. Late that night we started watching The Office. I asked Cam Cam if he had heard of it before.... He was like, "Geeze Dani! I haven't been gone 8 years!" So of course the rest of the night I had to keep going with it. I'd ask him, "Cam, was the first Harry Potter book out before your mission? Was the car invented yet before your mission?" I'm obnoxious. I love my life.
my roommates on our way to meet the boys
Les Face, Sexy Spence & Smellys at QT This picture is soooo freshman year. A bunch of us piled on bean bags. We love each other.

Next post, Allison's wedding, I promise. Haven't had an ounce of time to worry about blogging though. I'll have you know it was a wonderful day. She was a beautiful bride & I've never seen her more happy!


  1. Danielle,
    So FUN to read your new post! I LOVE it when you do these...Really great that you are having sooo much fun! Hope you have a GREAT Sabbath!

  2. oh and ps...I like Leslie's new look! Cute!

  3. Such cute pictures, Danielle! I think you are right, that Spencer is a good looking fella! So neat to see all of you having a good time hanging out together. I like my friends, too, but they aren't nearly so cute!

  4. haha grandmother! "sexy spence" is his nickname because we have two spence friends, so that's how we can tell the difference :) but you're right, my friends are cute!

  5. so cute...
    loved this post, i'm so glad you had so much fun!



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