Tuesday, August 25, 2009

6 wedding day

Sam & Allison NIELSEN Mesa, Arizona Temple
Allison's niece, Kate. Cutest little girl ever.

back of the dress
*click on pictures to make larger Al Pal & Sar Bear
getting ready for the reception Myspace picture style
Dani Deej Sara Rae

we're just silly the beautiful bride Photo Shoot time! Alli with her siblings Allison's whole family. I LOVE them!Allison with her niece, Kate. Airing out underneath. It was hot... Where the reception was held. It was BEAUTIFUL!
The reception hall was so so pretty!
Our Crew {big spence, leslie, melissa, natalie, sexy spence, curtis, ben, sara} Stuff for decorationg the car. We like to keep things G-rated. Smellers attaching the cans. (Sara chose Diet Coke with Lime. Are we surprised?)Me with Alli's momma Diane. Such a babe. Necessary. {sara, me, allison, melissa, natalie & leslie} I win World's Best Friends Award The DanceHer nephew Kyle figuring out the bubbles.And they're off for their cruise!Slow down Sammy...Sam & Allison got married on Friday in the Mesa, Arizona temple. First we went to Allison's house to watch her cute, CUTE nieces & nephew while she was being sealed. Then we headed to the temple to watch her come out. The reception that night was so beautiful and Sammy & Alli Wags were so happy (and of course Al looked gorgeous)! Obviously 8 billion people came because they have so many friends, but Sam & Al were so smiley and nice to everyone in that huge line. Sar & I ran to the store half way through to get stuff to decorate the car, but then it started raining. Luckily, the rain stopped & we were able to get it done just in time for them to head out on their cruise! Love you guys! It was so wonderful to be able to share your big day with you!


  1. ali was GLOWING. happy happy bride :) haha love the "g-rated" decorations, awesome. ps i wanted to tell you how gorgeous you looked, [stunning!] but we had to slip away early. and psps i want to hear about your spence reunion.

  2. Oh my gosh you guys all look SO pretty! So much fun!!

  3. Loved it, everyone looked gorgeous, esp al :)

  4. i'm so happy for alli. and i loved looking through all these pictures. absolutely beautiful.

  5. I "5th" the notion! Such great pictures and blog write-ups! You guys are so darling and Allison and her family are BEAUTIFUL People! They all look like such good, happy folk! Glad you got to be a part of all this Danielle...I know you made it nice for Allison!

  6. Danielle, you are the best friend! People are lucky who are your friend. This is just a beautiful selection of pictures and your Alli was a beautiful bride, too! I especially liked the big family photo. What a great treasure for them to keep and to remember. You have added so much to their happiness in so many ways, Danielle! Thanks for sharing! It was so fun to look at these beautiful pictures!



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