Thursday, August 06, 2009

3 Day-to-day Schedule: Perú Entry 10

This is more for records sake, but this is what a normal day looked like for Ash & I in Cusco:
We would wake up around 8:30 or 9 to have breakfast of cornflakes with yogurt. Yuck.
Then we would head off to the orphanage. The boys had to finish their homework before they could do anything else, so we would help them with that.
When they were done, the fun began! This is Alberto beating me at a game of checkers. Clearly he's not a good sport. I will also add that he cheated the entire game...
Ash & I would bring a bunch of things so the boys could do relay races. We would have three-legged races, egg relay races, the sponge relay race, etc. They loved this because they got candy. But once again, we had a bunch of cheaters. They were always hesitant to learn new games because they thought they were dumb after we explained them, but Ash and I would just start playing and then it started to look fun. This was us playing kickball. One of our "dumb" games. Looks like they're into it to me!
We got this rope for three-legged races and they told us they would rather jump rope with it. The rope was too long and we didn't have anything to cut it with. One of the boys grabbed a rock & just banged it up until the rope was chopped in half. Another volunteer said, "Well, their ancestors are the Incas..."
Sometimes they would just braid my hair and we would talk. Some of the things those kids said...
At about 11am, the kids had to go shower. They never learned the concept of modesty & I saw one too many naked butts while I was there.
Then, it was lunchtime. We'd turn on rap, daddy yankee, or michael jackson because that's the music they loved & we'd dance for them while they ate & the boys would laugh and make fun of us.
Then, it was time for school around noon. Cutest little uniforms ever. When we walked with them to school, half of the boys (usually the older ones) would be so embarrassed and run ahead. The other half wanted to hold our hands the entire way & when we dropped them off had to give us a million kisses goodbye. I love this picture of Erasmo. It's such an awkward "first day of school" pic!
While the boys were at school, Ash and I would walk home from the orphanage which took about 30 minutes. We would then eat lunch and afterwards walk around Cusco and explore. We had many adventures in the afternoon.
We would return again in the evening to play with the boys & tuck them in. Some nights they would play soldiers. It's the cutest thing you've ever seen when 30 kids each have some sort of "weapon" (brooms, sticks...) and they're battling each other. They get sooo into it. One day at lunch, one of the boys told Ash & I he didn't want us to come tuck him in anymore. We asked him why and he told us it's because we ruin their war games. He said as soon as we come in we say, "hola chicos!" (in a girly voice) and then the boys don't want to play anymore. Finally he changed his mind and said, "Well, I do want you to come, but if we're playing games you can't annoy us. If we're not play games then you can annoy us."
Some nights we'd watch movies or cartoons.
Bedtime was around 9pm, although they were usually in bed a lot later because it took forever to get all of them down. But once the millions of goodnight besos were distributed... was time for our nightlife. We'd head to the discotecas to meet tons of people from all over the world. So much fun & every night was an adventure.
That's my girl.
(Ash, thanks for being my partner in crime girlfriend. You made it a million times more fun!)
After we were all partied out, we'd head back to our home around midnight (or mayyyybe a little later...) to get some rest & start it all over again the next day.
We were living the life!


  1. Totally entertaining, Danielle! I love reading your blog and seeing all the photos. I need a scanner so I can put in more photos on my blog, too. The nightlife among all those strangers scares me though. Remember the movie, "Taken"!!!

  2. It sounds like it was SOOO fun! I want to do the same thing one summer, especially after getting just a small taste of it.

  3. Dani!
    Oh man... this made me miss you AND peru even more. Only a few short weeks!!!!!

    Let's promise to take our hubbie's back to cusco... remember what alberto said about that fountain!



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