Tuesday, August 04, 2009

So i'm at work with a little spare time & started thinking about my childhood. It rocked. Here are a few pictures:
This was our first rabbit Snowball that died while we were on vacation. We left him with our cousins Erin, Michelle & Julie and they killed him. They first told us he died from eating too much grass & later told us he died from swimming. Sketchy...
This was our first brother Spencer. He is still the funniest kid ever. I used to read him stories & dress him up.
When I was little I loved to play outside. We would ride bikes forever and build forts and play wolves. I also loved to do my hair and paint nails. Recently my mom told me i was the easiest child until it came to what clothes I would wear & then I was a nightmare. Sorry mom.
This can still happen today, but especially when we were younger, whenever Rachel & I would get together, we had a tendency to get really silly. It's probably very obnoxious to those around us.
Poor Spencey.

Thanks mom & dad for making our childhood so great! My parents always took us to do the funnest things! And even though I hated going to the millions of museums, I even appreciate that now. We never had video games & didn't watch much tv, so I have fun memories of all the stuff we did together!


  1. Yes, it did, Rachel! Cute photos of the little kiddies I remember so well! You girls were a hoot! It was the saddest thing for me when you moved away from Florida to Ohio!

  2. I love this!! Ya'll are so cute and pint sized. Welcome back to Utah!! Like Rachel's blog, I've been eStalking you all summer :) So glad to know you're back. Loves

  3. i need to show you pictures from when i was little.. we look pretty similar. separated at birth? haha.



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