Friday, August 07, 2009

1 i'm a whitey

I took the color code personality test today. I'm mostly white. Next was blue, then yellow & then the tiniest percentage of red (of course). I'm a little skeptical of these things, but I was bored and my results were more accurate than i thought they would be.

w h i t e
AS AN INDIVIDUAL patient with self and others, flexible in all situations, reflective and peaceful, sincere and genuine, lifestyle appears to accept life comfortably, enjoys life's simplicity, compatible with others, kind to animals and people AS A COMMUNICATOR receptive to other's input, negotiator and mediator on issues, listens superbly, strong empathy skills AS A GOAL SETTER receptive to suggestions, appreciates exposure to many possibilities, recognizes the value of goal-setting, trusts self to succeed in many different environments AS A PARENT flows well with crisis, takes time to enjoy each child, agreeable with difficult children, respected by children for gentle manner and style, slow to react with anger, supportive and considerate, accepts companion's decisions-demonstrates unity patient with deviant and inappropriate behavior, accepts differences superbly AS A CHILD very agreeable to established traditions and boundaries, non-demanding, willing to accommodate siblings and parents, plays well by self, accepts life with drama, AS A FRIEND patient and enduring through good and bad times, tolerant of unkind behavior, supportive and accepting, listens with empathy, relaxed in most situations, liked by most people, compatible with various different personalities, likes most people, enjoys observing others, non-demanding of friendship AS A COMMITTED COMPANION tolerant of other's tardiness, appreciates leadership qualities in others, loyal and committed to relationship, willing to accept beliefs and values of companion
how to develop a positive relationship with whites:
DO Be loving and sensitive, Be firm, Provide a structure (boundaries) for them to operate in, Be patient and gentle, Introduce options and ideas for their involvement, Be simple and open, Accept their individuality, Be casual, informal and relaxed, Look for non-verbal clues to their feelings, Listen quietly DON'T Be unkind, Expect them to always need others to play with, Force verbal expression, Be domineering, Be too intense, Force confrontation, Speak too fast, Take away their day dreams, Demand leadership
Kind of a stretch, but since we're talking about white, i've been going through a white stage lately. Here are my faves:

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  1. That's interesting...I took it years ago and I was mostly Blue with some Red-no other colors I don't think...I agree with some of the assessment for sure!



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