Monday, July 05, 2010

10 Happy birthday to our Firecracker Baby!

Twenty-one years ago, my parents brought this little present home for me. We're only a year apart, so of course we were besties.
I was quiet & she was so outgoing. She was my preschool saving grace when Jasmine would try to beat us up.Twenty years later & the bff-ness continues...
So here are some things I love about my sister:
Rachel is so so funny. Sometimes she says things on purpose that are funny, a lot of the time they're not on purpose... and they're even funnier... but no matter what, she keeps us laughing.
Rach is fun to be around. She's really spontaneous so it's never boring.
Her blog is my favorite.
Even when she's has had her own sad times, she's been so happy for other people and is always celebrating their happy moments.
She trains for/runs marathons.

She's really pretty. She always jokes about her awkward stage that she had, but she's turned into a hottie for real. I'm sure Weston would agree.
She's a good girl. She's always done what's right & she has a strong testimony.She is the most real person you'll ever meet & doesn't change who she is for anyone.

She's a really good, loyal friend. And a really cute friend.She gets a really good Mexican tan.
She's about a billion times more adventurous (or stupid) than I am. I'm not kidding when I say there are 2 times this girl has almost died or been seriously injured since coming to BYU and I have to get the phone call to rush to the hospital or that the Search & Rescue Team found her alive in the mountains in subzero temperatures...

She is very gracious.
She's going to be a really really good wifey.

Oh, and she's the best sister ever.

Three cheers for Rooie on her birthday!

She is so good to me & I love her so much.


  1. amen! i love that girl! you guys are so cute!

  2. thanks deej! happy birthday to me!

  3. Happy Birthday, Rachel! Loved reading your post for rach's birthday and catching up on your other posts. Great pictures from the beach - looked like you had a wonderful week!

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  5. Yup im in Total agreeance with ya deej she is a very beautiful girl,and i can tell she has a very strong testimony in the church.Wayy to go Rach!

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR RACHEL! Danielle got it right. You are the best, so sweet and loving! Hope you are enjoying your birthday, Sweetheart!

  7. Rachel...yep she's the BEST! What a great celebration today...I LOVE your post Danielle and Rachel...You are my FAVORITE 20 Year Old!!!! Love you DEAR!!!

  8. Funny that your posts are still up from last year on Rach's b-day and yet this is a new post with Weston in the photos? I'm confused! Oh well...

    I think this year's blog for Rachel's B-day is the most loving, flattering and true explanation of our Rachel. What a lovely woman she is and we all know what a Jewel Weston is getting! I loved this blog, probably one of my biggest favorites! I love it when family members express their love and appreciation for other family members and this one is way good!
    Love both of you girls so much!

  9. Amen I agree! Happy birthday Rachel!

  10. Thank you so much Danielle! I loved that!



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