Saturday, July 03, 2010

2 today

Woke up bright & early to be Roo's stylist/hair dresser/beautician for her engagements.
(Sydney's amazing, by the way.)
Then I was prop holder/hair fixer/wardrobe tucker girl until like 8 million o'clock. A little pool time.
And a little firework time. I'm really wild and like to get right up in the action which explains my ashy shirt. Yes, this is the only picture from our night. One thing's for sure though, Provo is not kidding around about their fireworks. Quite the production.

P.S. I did end up watching the fireworks with a two year old. So much better.

P.S.S. Where are my roommates? And what is that creepy tapping noise in my closet?

P.S.S.S. Should've just bought the Carrie Underwood Stadium of Fire tickets. I just found it a little pathetic to watch her in Provo when she lives 2 seconds from me in Franklin.

P.S.S.S.S. I now feel the need to tell this story (Please refer to "creepy tapping noise" in my "P.S.S.").

I'm sitting in my bedroom the other day, just talking to nat camp when I hear baby cries from my backpack. This is never a good thing so I take a peek. I don't remember snatching any babies up, but you can never be too sure. I reeeeally like babies.

No baby.

We start talking again & there go the cries. I take a look in the front pocket to double check.... babyless.

Fast forward 4 hours. I am in my bedroom and I start hearing noises that resemble a drumstick tapping a dinner plate in my closet. Are you serious right now? I'm home alone & I am not about to check my closet for strangers having a rockband fest on my dishes. This is weird.

So I did what I sometimes do, (avoid the situation) and i turned up the music to hopefully stop my paranoia. Fortunately I lived.

But now I am hearing those noises again from behind my closed closet doors, only tonight, he's a little more violent in his drumming. So, when someone finds me dead in the morning with a plate bashed over my head and drumsticks poking out of my body, you'll know to check for the fingerprints inside the closet.

Weird noises following me.

Yep, now I'm paranoid. Well, I guess this is goodbye then. I love you all & Rachel, I'm sorry for calling you a nerd all those years for your big glasses even though they were really nerdy.


  1. "Im sorry Rachel for saying your glasses were nerdy, but I was right they were nerdy" lol that is an awesome apology. lol

  2. hahahah I love you.
    I'm glad you didn't nap any babies. but i do want to know what's crying in your backpack.



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