Saturday, June 20, 2009

1 Happy Daddy's Day (tomorrow)

We'll be headed to South Carolina tomorrow, so this is a little early but I just wanted to give a shout out to Pops!
So, I called my dad last Sunday to tell him "Happy Father's Day" & he never corrected me. He's such a brat sometimes! haha! Since his birthday was not too long ago & I bragged on him for about an hour, i'll just tell you a few more of my favorite things about him:
I can do the most crazy things & make the wildest comments & he doesn't flinch. It's hillarious. I've tried to get a reaction out of him forever & at most he'll shake his head at me. So great.
He's so so smart & the hardest working person I know. We're trying to teach him how to "play" a little, but to him, work is play...
He's really, really nice.
He's a man's man. No sissy/girly crap here.
He loves his "princesses" (as he has named Rach & I).
He's so good to his family & spoils us rotten.
He's so chill & laid back & never yells.
Little fact: he's a farm boy & is the thirteenth of fifteen kiddos. It's made him kind of tough.
His jokes used to be terrible. I mean terrible. No one ever understood them & they would take a 5 minute explanation. After a joke, my whole family would just look at each other completely confused. However, they have gotten a little funnier in the last few years. Props to Pops.
He can fix/build/create anything. No lie.
My dad has to be doing something at all times & has to have a project to work on. He can't just kick back. It's never surprising if you hear the saw in the garage going at 2am. Drives my mom nuts.
He's really ambitious & never does half-done jobs.

Love you Dad! Dani-girl

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  1. A wonderful tribute to a wonderful Father! Happy Father's Day, Mark!



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