Thursday, June 18, 2009

We did a little Bachelorette surprise party Tuesday night for Alli Wags. It was a riot. There was only one boy there, Ken. Yeah, don't worry about it, we totally hooked her up with a guy dancing out of a cake.
We played Pin the kiss on a Sammy & what the crap?! She got him dead on. Totally meant to be.
Wild things that I can't put up. Ken & Alli are a lot alike. Always up for a PARRRTY! Ken was getting pretttttty wild.
But not as wild as "Miss Out of Control Bachelorette." What can I say? When we saw that sash, we knew it fit her so well. Out. Of. Control.


  1. hahah i'm glad it was such a success!

  2. hahahah i love that ken is completely naked



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