Wednesday, June 17, 2009

7 There she is?

So there is a man at my work who is the sweetest person ever. He always comes by & drops off treats for me & has called my parents several times to brag about me. Far too nice. Anyways, for about two months now, whenever he comes in my office, he starts humming this song called "There She Is." Finally he asked me if I knew that song & told me it was the song from the Miss America Beauty Pageant. Oh my gosh. I laughed so hard. Today he was in my office with a bunch of the other men & told them that & we all had a good laugh. So I decided I should finally look up the lyrics...

"There she is, Miss America
There she is, your ideal
The dream of a million girls who are more than pretty can come true in Atlantic City
For she may turn out to be the Queen of femininity
There she is, Miss America
There she is, your ideal
With so many beauties she took the town by storm
With her all-American face and form
And there she is Walking on air, she is
Fairest of the fair, she is
There she is - Miss America"

I was cracking up.
That's right boys & girls, "fairest of the fair." Watch out.


  1. I don't know, you look pretty natural wearing that crown. :)

  2. Hillarious!!!! I can see why he sings that! You are awesome! Beautiful in and out!

  3. You've always been my Miss America. Why? Because you're the only TEN I SEE.

    your sweet georgia peach.

  4. That truly was hilarious, Danielle! I had to laugh outloud!
    How do you do those amazing things on your blog? You really are such a beautiful girl, I have always said that! Really, my four granddaughters to me are absolute beauty queens, everyone of them! I didn't laugh at the possibility of you being Miss America though. You could qualify for sure. It was just your great and funny sense of humor coming through once again!



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